Trade on the news with Binomo!

We are happy to announce a new trading feature for all Binomo traders. We’ve started publishing news about the most important macroeconomic events.

Why are they important? Understanding the current situation on the market all around the world will help you make accurate price forecasts. If you conclude a trade right after news is released, and the price goes in the direction you expected — you succeed!

How does it work? 2-3 hours before an event, we publish news about it in the What’s new? section. You’ll see a red indicator showing a new post.

The news will contain:

— a description of the upcoming event

— an explanation of how it might impact the market

— a list of assets that might be affected by the event

You read the news, make a forecast, and conclude a trade (trades) when the news is released. You can also make trades with long (1 hour, for example) expirations if you are very sure about your forecast.

If your forecast is correct, your trades will be successful.


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