Introducing “Top Traders” — a list of the most successful traders of the day

Over 3 million traders around the world actively use the Binomo platform. Who’s the best of them? Who makes the biggest profit each day? What countries do they live in?

Now you can get answers to those questions. We are excited to present a brand new feature — Top Traders. It is a new section on the left sidebar in the trade room where you can find the current top 20 Binomo traders based on their profit over the last 24 hours.

In this section, you’ll see:

— the highest daily profit made on Binomo

— the flags of the countries the best traders come from

— your personal daily results

The list is updated daily. We hope you find this new feature useful because it proves anyone can truly earn on Binomo. We also believe that you, too, could be on top someday!

This feature is now available on the desktop version and will soon appear in the mobile apps.

Have a great day!


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