We’ve made trading strategies auto-applicable

We’ve made our trading strategies applicable! Now you can choose the strategy and press *Apply*  —  the indicators the strategy is based on will appear on the chart! All you should do next is wait for a suitable moment to make a trade.

To try a new feature,

  • Open the *Trading tools* section on the left side on a traderoom
  • Click on the *Strategies* tab
  • Choose the strategy
  • Read the description
  • Press *Apply*

The strategy’s description contains the essential conditions of effective trading: a suitable timeframe, an asset, a set of indicators, and signals for making a trade. Screenshots are added for your convenience.

Now the following strategies are applicable:

  • The Elder’s Triple Screen
  • The Pathfinder
  • MACD + RSI
  • Puria Method Indicative Strategy

A new feature will help you acquire new analytical tools easily and increase the effectiveness of your trading.

Trade with pleasure!

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