We’ve added filters of traders’ profit by period, country, and assets

We’ve updated Top traders  —  a platform section containing the ranking of traders by the biggest profit.

Update #1. We’ve added you to the ranking! Now all traders with a Standard+ status who have made 1+ beneficial trades can find themselves on the list of traders. You’ll see the following:

 —  Your place in the ranking

 —  Your total profit

 —  Your progress (indicated by the color, number, and pointer)

Update #2. You can apply filters to the ranking to see detailed info on traders and their profits. The filters are the following:

 —  Country: you can see the most prosperous traders of a certain region, including your country, or worldwide;

 —  Period: you can find information on the biggest profit earned for 1 day, 3 days, of a week;

 —  Asset: you can see the assets that brought the biggest profit to traders.

Filters can be used simultaneously. For example, you can search for traders from your country who earned the biggest weekly profit. We hope this feature will help you feel more confident on the platform and motivate you to trade and practice more.

Have profitable trading!

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