Trading Journey: The Chosen has started!

We’ve opened the registration for Trading Journey: The Chosen  —  the brand-new trading event with valuable prizes and a marvelous space-traveling background. You and the faithful assistant Trady will go on an exciting trip across the Universe. Pleasant gifts, useful tips, and the main secret of trading will be waiting ahead! 

Every TJ participant’s goal is to complete a personal trading turnover. They’ll get guaranteed prizes  — a $5 no-deposit bonus and free Three Days Race tournament participation if completed. Also, traders who achieved their personal goals will enter the TJ raffle.

**The raffle’s winners will receive valuable prizes  —  Apple Watch Series 8, MacBook Pro, AirPods Pro 2, or iPhone 14 Pro**.

The TJ essence is the following:

 —  June 7-20, 2023, is the event dates

 —  June 26 is the day of a raffle

 —  Participation is FREE

To sign-up for the event, you must have a Standard status or higher. 

Are you ready? Discover the power of trading!

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