Meet Social Trading — a tool that shows others’ trades

We’ve released a new trading tool called Social Trading. It shows trades concluded by other traders on a specific asset in a specific time frame.

When you turn the Social Trading on, plenty of badges appear on a price chart. Every badge contains data on a trade concluded by another trader:

— The color (red or green) indicates the forecasted direction of a price. If the badge is green, a trader expects the price to grow.

— The sum (e.g., $5) indicates a trade amount.

Social Trading will help you assess the market situation and decide whether you should trade or what trade amount to set. Visit the Trading Tools section to turn on/off Social Trading. There you’ll also find a detailed description of a tool.

For now, the tool is available in the web version only. Test Social Trading and leave your feedback on our social media — we’d love to know how you like it.

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