Meet Prestige  —  a new trader’s status!

We’ve complemented the list of statuses available to Binomo traders and added the highest status possible. It’s called Prestige. The status will be available for traders who deposited $3,000 or more (or equivalent in your local currency) during one month.

Prestige gives you the maximum opportunities available on Binomo:

 —  75 assets for trading

 —  Asset profitability is up to 90%

 —  Deposit bonuses are up to 300%

 —  Free access to the Prestige private tournament

 —  Withdrawal period is up to 4 hours

 —  High Priority service

Prestige traders will also have unique options. They are the following: 

First, Cashback Plus. In addition to the usual weekly 10% cashback, you’ll be receiving 5% cashback monthly. This way, 10% of the funds you lose will be credited to your account weekly, and 5% will be compensated monthly.

Second,  Insurance Plus. If you deposit $500+ without coupons, you’ll get 5% of your deposit as risk-free trades immediately after you’ve activated the insurance. If your balance is zero, we’ll compensate at least 40% of your deposit as bonus funds and 10% as risk-free trades. If you deposit $1,000 or more, you can get 10-15% compensated as real funds instead of bonuses.

Third, Privilege Hour. Apart from Happy Hour, Prestige traders have extra periods of increased asset profitability. During 1 hour a day, the profitability of some assets will reach its maximum, and you’ll have an opportunity to get extra income.

Prestige is a temporary status. If you deposit $3,000 or more during the first month, in the second month, Prestige will be yours. You’ll return to VIP status if the deposit is below $3,000.

You can track your progress in earning Prestige on your profile or in the right sidebar on traderoom. For more information, visit the Cashier section. If you are a VIP trader, please contact your personal manager to learn the details or receive a Prestige.

We wish you productive trading!

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