Not Titanic at all: how Leonardo DiCaprio became one of the most successful investors in Hollywood

Leonardo DiCaprio’s role in Titanic was a turning point in his career. But he almost didn’t get the role of Jack Dawson, and it was James Cameron’s wife who convinced him DiCaprio was right for the part. Now, it’s hard to imagine anyone else playing the iconic role. 

Since then, Leonardo DiCaprio has made a name for himself in the investment world as well, in addition to his successful acting career. Here is how this story went.

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Nature’s advocate since childhood

Leonardo DiCaprio’s interest in investment appears to have stemmed from his passion for environmental causes. Growing up in Los Angeles, he developed a deep appreciation for the natural world and spent much of his time exploring the outdoors. He hiked in the nearby Santa Monica Mountains and surfed along the California coast.

In fact, in 1998 (when he was just 23-24 years old), he founded the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation, dedicated to protecting the planet’s wildlife and ecosystems.

This love of nature has also been reflected in some of his film roles. One of them is his portrayal of Hugh Glass in The Revenant, set in the rugged wilderness of the American West.

Leo and the United Nations

In 2014, DiCaprio was designated as the United Nations Messenger of Peace for Climate Change. This role allowed him to use his platform to raise awareness about the impacts of climate change and advocate for solutions.

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In addition to his UN role, DiCaprio sits on the board of several environmental organizations – World Wildlife Fund, the Natural Resources Defense Council, the International Fund for Animal Welfare, Pristine Seas, and Oceans 5.

Making sustainable investing cool 

One way that DiCaprio has popularized sustainable investing is by highlighting their profitability. He has shown that it is possible to generate solid returns while also investing in companies that are making a difference in the world. Companies like Beyond Meat and Tesla were not only making a positive impact on the world but also on his investment portfolio. 

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Ever since getting involved in sustainable investing, DiCaprio encouraged others to get involved. His message has resonated with many investors. This was particularly true for younger generations, who are increasingly interested in investing in a way that aligns with their values.

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What’s behind DiCaprio’s successful investment

Unfortunately, the good message behind sustainable investing is not enough to make it successful. It means you need to look into the underlying reasons. Firstly, DiCaprio has a keen eye for spotting profitable business ventures. He has invested in companies that are innovative and forward-thinking, which allowed him to tap into an emerging market with significant growth potential.

Secondly, he has a strong team of financial advisors and investment professionals. They have deep knowledge of the markets and can provide him with insights and investment advice.

Thirdly, he’s investing in areas that he is passionate about. This gives him a deeper understanding of the companies and the market trends that are shaping their success. 

Finally, DiCaprio has shown a willingness to take risks, even if it goes against the mainstream appeal. 

Companies funded by Leonardo DiCaprio

Here are a few notable examples of DiCaprio’s investments: 

  • Beyond Meat: a plant-based meat substitute company that provides a more sustainable and ethical alternative to traditional meat products.
  • Rubicon Global: a full-service management company socializing in waste management, recycling, and smart city technology solutions 
  • Kingo Energy: a renewable energy company that offers decentralized solar energy services to individuals and businesses in off-grid villages
  • LoveTheWild: a sustainable seafood meal kit supplier
  • Diamond Foundry: a lab-grown diamond company that uses a proprietary reactor technology

Overall, DiCaprio’s investment strategy serves as a model for others looking to make a positive impact on the world through their financial decisions.


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