How trading helped Annika move into a dream apartment

Hi, my name’s Annika, and I’m a single mother of two from a small town in South Africa. The three of us moved to Johannesburg for my work at the Vitalab Centre for Assisted Conception, where I work long hours as a nurse. This is a private clinic with good wages (especially when I compare it to an average salary in my hometown), but it’s based in Sandton, a very upscale district that’s not built for middle-class people like me. If I ever wanted to live in the area, I would find myself struggling to pay bills and make ends meet. So, I had a choice – spend two hours a day commuting, plus giving my children a ride to their schools outside of Sandton, or find a way to afford to live near my workplace. 

One day, while scrolling through social media, I got an ad – not for Binomo – but I clicked a few links and somehow ended up on the front page. What if I had a natural talent for trading? I had a great memory, the ability to learn complex information fast, and great interpersonal skills – what could go wrong? To be honest, I knew about the risks, so I was prepared for some things to “go wrong”. 

I wasn’t nervous at all about making my first trade – nursing school and motherhood made me stress-resistant. As I gained more experience and I started to understand the patterns and trends, I was able to take on more risks and make larger trades. I developed a strategy that worked for me.

I haven’t been trading long enough, but I intend to continue. It helped me to save money and afford a better lifestyle for us. Now, they’re going to a great school in Sandton, we’re renting a nice apartment, and I’m saving up for a house deposit. 

Fun fact: in my line of work, I meet many different people. One of my patients, who happened to be a long-time trader, gave me some tips and recommended some books to read. Another patient was a financial advisor. Anyway, I’m still learning a lot every day. 

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