How to change your attitude to money

Money is a serious matter; it has to be treated with caution and respect. Spenditude is a financial sixth sense, a modern and super effective tool that will help you transform your whole life by changing your attitude to money. Here are the main principles of spenditude.

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Mind your physical conditions

It may seem an obvious thing, but your physical condition may influence your financial decisions. Meanwhile, we never seriously consider our physical condition as a critical factor when money is in question. However, being depressed or having slept badly, we are most likely to make a wrong decision concerning a certain financial situation. Do not underestimate the state of your health or your today’s mood when it comes to financial issues.

Always be alerted when it concerns money

Only 20% of people are always alerted about their expenses. They track every single payment, they refund taxes when possible, they return goods of bad quality, they cancel their subscriptions in time, and they cannot pass by a coin lying in the street without picking it up. It is not the question of thinking constantly about money, but the chief principle of one’s mindset that puts one on constant guard about finances. The reward is quite impressive.

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For those people who were raised in tough economic conditions it is common to have a wrong attitude to money. Their parents probably could not or did not want to make efforts and ensure a better life for their family. From the beginning of their lives the poor heard that ‘money doesn’t buy happiness’ and started to treat money as something bad. While in fact money is not good or bad, it is only a means to achieve your goals.

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Be wise in your spendings

Never go shopping without a shopping list. Otherwise, you will spend a lot on unnecessary things. Compare how devices work, not how they look. Sometimes you can buy a noname device twice cheaper than the branded one, but it will work the same. If you need motivation to be thrifty think of all those things that you could buy with the money that you saved!

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Find a spenditude balance with your partner

There are two types of people. The first type spends money carelessly, often on unneeded things. The second type never spares a dime on unplanned and unnecessary matters. Often these two types of people live together. In that case, spenditude, a life-changing attitude to money is the only way to find common ground with the partner. 

Be concerned only with issues that are worth it

Revise your attitude to what is important and what is not and be occupied only with matters that have real value to you. Keep in mind that all those likes that you get on social networks will not pay your bills. It is better to concentrate on your spenditude, to work on your attitude to money instead.

Do not ignore passive income

Remember, we spoke about those people who cannot pass by a lying coin and of the reward that they get? Ignoring passive income is the same thing as passing by lots of coins just waiting for you to pick them up. Be interested in financial matters, in investments. Learn the difference between stock market, bonds, currency exchanges etc. It is your spenditude, your new sixth sense that will lead you on this path.

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