How Binomo works and how to use it – tutorial

Binomo allows its users to trade more than 70 assets online around the clock. However, this requires specific knowledge. Consider what things are needed to use Binomo wisely for trading.

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How to use Binomo correctly?

One of the best things about Binomo is that the website and the app operate in Hindi, English, and many other languages. You can conveniently try the platform’s features in your preferred language. 

However, before trading, getting to know the Binomo platform and understanding how it works is important. Let’s get started step by step.

First of all, explore the Client Agreement and the Help Center, which tells how to work with the Binomo platform correctly, and the Strategies section, which describes the most popular trading methods in detail.

Then let’s turn to the Binomo demo account. It is available to every trader without registration and allows you to evaluate the trading terminal and platform functionality.

Also, it is essential to pay attention to the Binomo blog, which contains the most up-to-date information about investments and trading in different markets, including Forex, tips, and strategies.

But about everything in order.

Note! You can ask your questions to a support specialist by email at or via live chat.

Respect the Terms and Conditions

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Once you start the login process on the Binomo platform, you must accept its terms and conditions. As a rule, we tend to accept them without reading carefully. The Client Agreement is a document explaining how to use Binomo without violating the rules. You must read the document carefully before accepting the terms. It ensures that your account won’t be blocked if they are violated.

Though some are only standard requirements of regulators, a few are specific to the Binomo trading platform. You must comply with them to prevent any issues and possible restrictions in the future on your trading account. 

After logging and reading the platform rules, it’s time to learn trading basics.

Use demo for education

Binomo offers several avenues for trading education. A demo account is the first and the most important step toward knowing how Binomo works. Each trader is given virtual $10,000 to learn and practice in a safe environment. You can use these virtual funds for real-time trading without risking your real ones. 

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When using a demo account, you get several pop-ups with tips about the functions of the buttons on the chart and the sidebar. This tutorial on Binomo will help you understand how the trading terminal works.

In addition to trading tips, Binomo also offers the Help Center. So, if you asked, “How does Binomo work?” then you will find the answer here. The idea is to ensure you are well-educated, assess your risks, and are ready to move on to real trading.

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Learn strategies

On Binomo, you will find numerous strategies that have been tried and tested by experienced traders worldwide. Some of them are old but fruitful. The platform also features modern strategies based on fast-paced market trends. 

Strategies are conveniently divided into groups: beginner, experienced and professional. Each strategy is detailed and explains which indicator to use, what settings to make, and when to enter the trade. All this valuable information is provided for free.

The demo account facilitates you to learn them and various indicators on live charts. Since there is no monetary risk involved, you can try these to any extent you want. Thus, you gain invaluable experience — you understand how and in what market situation this or that strategy works and can apply it in real trading on Binomo, as well as reduce the risk of losing your investments due to incorrect forecasts.

Note! There are no particular strategies that can assure 100% results. The possibility of the right trading forecast is only by practice and experience.

Read the Binomo blog

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Binomo offers traders additional educational experience through its blog. Here you will find hot news about the latest trends, profitable strategies, investment decisions, and more. Binomo’s special offers contain taking quizzes and discovering the secrets of trading. 

There is an Editor’s Choice section to find curated articles on the best trading tips and strategies. You will also find a useful glossary to help you understand trading terms.

You can subscribe to the Binomo blog through your email. The option is available at the bottom of the blog section.

How to trade on Binomo?

If you have explored the platform and are confident in your abilities, then it’s time to start trading. Binomo was created with the needs of beginners and experienced traders in mind. Your task is to analyze the change in the price of an asset and make a forecast for the future.

Binomo uses the Fixed Time Trade or FTT trading mechanics. The main idea of FTT is that you choose whether the price of an asset will rise or fall after the analysis. As a result, you will receive additional income if your forecast is correct. If not, then you will lose the funds invested in the trade.

​​It seems simple, but without trading knowledge, you risk losing your investment.

The bottom line

The Binomo platform is a great place to trade online with the possibility of earning extra income. But all this is possible only if you have trading knowledge. Remember that nothing comes without hard work and skills. Binomo offers this opportunity to all traders, regardless of experience. Carefully explore the trading rules on the platform and strategies, and then try them out on a demo account without risking your funds.

Remember that trading comes with risks. Therefore, you must optimally utilize the educational experience offered by Binomo. Your responsibility to measure these risks and practice consistently remains essential.

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