Gann trading strategy

In the article, we will discuss everything there is to know about the W.D. Gann trading strategy. We will also discuss who Gann was, find out the methods of technical analysis of Gann angles, indicators, and master charts developed by him, and where they can be applied in trading.

Who was W.D. Gann?

William Delbert Gann is renowned for using astrology, prehistoric mathematics, and astrology to forecast financial market occurrences. Gann was born in the year 1878 in a small town in Texas. He created indicators, master charts for technical analysis, and several market analysis tools, such as the Gann Box, which can be easily used in your trading strategy. He wrote several books in his lifetime, one being the famous «45 Years in Wall Street». 

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W.D. Gann passed away in June 1955. His methods, referred to as Gann indicators, are employed to forecast commodity price movements in the past, present, and future. 

The foundation of Gann indicators is that markets revolve from one arc onto the next and that when one angle is ruptured, the price goes to the next. The Gann Fan is formed by many angles together. Although the prospects and financial markets have evolved significantly over the years, Gann analyses have been utilized by professional traders for years and are still a common technique for determining the course of an asset.

What is the Gann trading strategy?

The term «Gann trading strategy» describes several technical analysis tools created by prominent financial trader William Delbert Gann during his Wall Street experience, which lasted for the first part of the 20th century. Below is a detailed breakdown of the Gann trading strategy.

Gann Angles

Gann Angles are one of the most well-known Gann techniques. Gann angles are employed to forecast price movement based on the angle connecting time and price. According to Gann’s theory, a 45-degree angle across price and time signifies the most substantial confirmation of movements. 

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Assuming a 1:1 relationship between money and time, this 45-degree angle also is known as a 1×1 angle. According to Gann, a bull market is signaled when prices climb at a 45-degree angle just above the trend line relative to the timeline. When the price declines at a 45-degree angle underneath the trend line in relation to, the inverse is true, and a bear market is indicated.

Gann angles may be useful for the trader or analyst if utilized correctly. You may assess and trade a marketplace more accurately if you have a curious mind and understand the fundamental idea that, from a Gann standpoint, the history, present, and future coexist simultaneously. Using the Gann angle framework, your analytical abilities will be boosted by being familiar with the instability, price range, and market movement patterns of various markets.

Gann Fan trading strategy

The Gann Fan trading strategy applies to a chart of nine angles mentioned in the Gann Angles theory. Technical analysis using the Gann fan is rooted in the belief that the market has cyclical and geometric characteristics. A group of lines known as Gann angles makes up the Gann fan. These angles are placed above a price chart to display probable levels of resistance and support. Technical analysts are intended to be able to forecast price movements using the resulting image.

What are support and resistance in trading?

According to the current trend, Gann found that every one of these angles provides useful information about the resistance and support levels. When an uptrend is underway, a 1×1 angle offers a significant hint of support; alternatively, prices dropping just under the 1×1 angle may indicate a reversal. When this decrease happens, the costs will probably fall. According to Gann’s theory, when one angle line inside the fan breaks, there will probably be movements to and stability at the subsequent angle line.

Gann Square trading strategy

A type of technical analysis known as the Gann Square trading strategy is based on the notion that the market is cyclical and geometric. The tool, which aids in trading, is made up of several vertical as well as diagonal trend and arc lines. The Gann Square trading strategy denotes a geometric construction of 81 digits (9 x 9). The pricing pattern has been seen to follow a specific geometric pattern. 

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The bottom line

Understanding the Gann trading strategy allows you to make informed decisions and save yourself from significant losses. Even though Gann introduced the trading method and tools a long time ago, many of them are so effective that they are still used by traders today. You can also download A Summary of W.D. Gann’s Techniques of Analysis and Trading in PDF to learn more about the strategy.

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