ADX strategy

Check out how to use the ADX indicator Strategy for better trading results Ever wondered if there was an easy way to identify strong intraday trends to trade? You’re in luck.The average directional index or ADX indicator can help you spot trends and time your entries and exits. This versatile tool works for any market… Continue reading ADX strategy

Candlestick chart analysis in brief

All you need to know about this well-known strategy to trade effectively An Introduction to Candlestick Patterns: The Essentials So, you’ve decided to dive into the world of technical analysis and want to get started with candlestick patterns. Excellent choice! Candlestick patterns have been used for centuries to help identify potential price reversals or continuations… Continue reading Candlestick chart analysis in brief

RSI + MA strategy

Learn how to apply RSI + MA Strategy to get impressive trading results You’re looking to improve your trading strategy and wondering what indicators you should be paying attention to. Forget about the complex indicators that require an advanced math degree to understand. Two of the most powerful indicators are actually really simple to use:… Continue reading RSI + MA strategy

Alligator strategy

Why does this strategy have such a name and how can it help to identify a trend You’ve been trading stocks for a while now and feel ready to take your skills to the next level. The alligator indicator strategy is a tried-and-true method used by pros to determine when the market is trending and… Continue reading Alligator strategy

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