Easy to begin, advantageous to continue: why investing with Binomo?

Nowadays trading investing culture is on an uptrend. There are a lot of ways and instruments traders can choose regarding their purposes and budgets. In this article we will discuss the advantages of Binomo trading platform for investment experience of all levels.

Certified quality

Binomo is regulated by the Financial Commission, an independent organization that specializes in financial markets. In 2018 the company became a member of the “A” category of the International Financial Commission. This is a guarantee of quality, reliability and safety for the trader.


Binomo aimed to provide high-level support and assistance to new and experienced traders. This investment platform is well-known for its user-friendly interface, attractive system of bonuses, and a large variety of tournaments with significant prize funds. 

Variety of assets

The platform offers around 70 assets to trade-in. Thus, you have an opportunity to try different options, deciding on any specific asset or choosing periodically what is better to invest in today.

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Easy to start

Traders do not need big investments to begin trading on Binomo: you may deposit just $10 and start trading with just $1. In order to facilitate and encourage new traders, Binomo provides the feature of a Demo account. It imitates the real trading features with $10,000 of bonus money so the traders can learn trading tactics before using real money. It makes investing easy and clear because users have enough time to boost up their skills and confidence. 

Special accounts and benefits

Binomo offers its traders 4 account types – Free, Standard, Gold, and VIP. Each one has different investment and revenue, special offers and unique benefits.

Free Account

This account has the similar characteristics of Binomo’s real one. It gives a great opportunity to practice and learn before investing real money. Every newcomer gets virtual $10,000 so that he can examine all the platform’s unique features and instruments without spending money.

Standard Account

Traders should make a minimum deposit – only $10 only to open a Standard account. This account allows you to use 30+ platform assets, get a profit margin of 84% and withdraw your income within 3 business days. Though you have access to fewer assets, it is better to focus on them for boosting up your skills – thus, if you have started your trading journey recently, a Standard account is a good option for you. 

Gold Account

Opening a Gold Account requires at least $500. This account gives its owner access to 40+ assets and a profit margin of 86%. The withdrawal process is also much faster: you receive your income within 24 hours. Gold Account owners get unique bonuses, 5% weekly cashback and prioritized technical support.

VIP Account 

The highest stage you can reach as a Binomo user is the essence of a VIP account. This account’s main focus is to facilitate professional traders.Opening  requires at least $1000. VIP account owners get access to 50+ assets, a profit margin of 87%, bonuses and promotions of up to 100% and 10% weekly cashback. VIP traders can get their payments transferred within 4 hours of making a request. Another account’s advantage is a VIP manager assigned to every account owner, providing support and assistance 24/7.

Educational materials for all levels

Whether you are a newbie or a professional trader, you may find a lot of ways to level up your skills. Binomo offers its users trading strategies review, videos tutorials, educational webinars, special trading psychology materials subscription and much more. Binomo also offers expert articles that may help traders for some specific cases – for example, trust investing, real estate investment or direct treasury investments.


One of Binomo’s unique hallmarks is its large variety of tournaments. There are periodical tournaments and ones that are confined to any special events, small and large, having different buy-ins and prize fund sizes. It also holds a free tournament for all account types. The competitors may win up to $50,000-$100,000 per tournament. 

Reliable customer support

Binomo customer support team is available 24/7 via live chat and email. Traders may be sure their queries and issues will be responded to and resolved by professionals as soon as possible. 

Right in your pocket

Considering the importance of online trading and availability, Binomo made its platform available via mobile application. It can be installed on both Apple and Android devices.

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To sum up

Binomo is a really advantageous option for both experienced traders and beginners. Platform has a large variety of opportunities and instruments for increasing trader’s income in a short time. You can just start and see it for yourself!

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