Binomo mobile app for trading

Binomo, one of the most famous platforms, provides excellent service and technical tools for your trading journey. Below, we’ll look at the Binomo mobile app, available in Pakistan, Mexico, and other countries, and explain the benefits of trading on it.

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What is the Binomo app?

The Binomo app offers you a unique combination of features: mobility and the ability to trade 24/7. It is easy to use, allowing you to quickly download it and start your trading journey in about 3 minutes.

You can explore the platform’s features with an unlimited demo account, use the built-in indicators and drawing tools, and choose from over 70 assets to trade. It is only a tiny part of what the Binomo trading app will offer you.

The Binomo app is designed with the user’s ease of access in mind. Its toolbar lets you quickly access essential functions like switching from demo to real account, making deposits, choosing indicators, timeframes, etc.

If you are used to the desktop version of Binomo, then the mobile app will satisfy you. It is as good as the PC version, except for limited drawing tools. However, this will not affect your trading in any way.

Pros and cons 

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The Binomo app review isn’t possible without analyzing its pros and cons. As we mentioned earlier, both the Binomo web platform and the app are user-friendly and have a modern design. But one of the essential advantages of the app is that you can open an account in local currency and make deposits through popular providers like Visa, Skrill, Webmoney, and others.

Find out what else the Binomo app has to offer:

  • Free educational resources: blog, detailed strategies, Help Center;
  • A variety of trading assets: from currency pairs to commodities;
  • Customizable trading interface;
  • Low minimum deposit of $10;
  • Multilingual support and chatbot that works around the clock;
  • Fast withdrawals after request confirmation.

Note! If you have questions about using the Binomo app, you don’t need to go to Wikipedia — open the Help Center.

As for the cons, you can’t use the full functionality of the trading tools and indicators available on the web platform; оnly a lightweight, mobile-optimized version is available. Apart from that, the platform’s two cons are that Tournaments are available only for traders with a Standard account and above, and you can’t block your account yourself.

Most of these cons are present in other trading platforms. The mobile devices don’t have a big enough display or power to support all features. However, the Binomo web version and app are constantly evolving, opening up new opportunities for trading.

How to download the Binomo app?

The Binomo app makes life easier for traders by allowing them to access all platform features through mobile software. It makes trading on the go more comfortable. You can download the Binomo trading app for Android and iOS for free; the installation process differs slightly for both systems.

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Note! You won’t be able to download the Binomo app for PC; the mobile version is available for smartphones and tablets.

App for iOS

You can download the Binomo app from the App Store for iOS. Apart from that, iOS users don’t have any other app installation option due to Apple’s strict guidelines and procedures. Android, however, is a different story entirely.

App and APK for Android 

For Android, you can download the Binomo app from Google Play, AppGallery, Galaxy Store, Aptoide, and Apptoko.  

You can also get Binomo APK from the official website if you can’t download the app from the store. No need to think that you need to hack something to install the Binomo APK; you can access it from this link and invest and trade on the go.

Software for PC

Binomo still needs a trading app for PC, so there needs to be a way to download it for Windows and Mac. You can only trade through the site until the Binomo software for trading on a PC appears.

However, we are sure the developers will make the Binomo trading app for PC one day, and you can choose how you prefer to trade.

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Login to the Binomo app

The signup and login process of the Binomo app is easy. You just have to:

  1. Download the app from AppStore or Google Play.
  2. Click on the “Sign up” button.
  3. Enter your email and set a password manually or connect through Google/Facebook.
  4. Choose your account currency for your trading and deposit operations. You can choose your national currency, dollars or euros.
  5. Read and agree to the Client Agreement and Privacy Policy Terms and confirm that you are an adult.

It remains only to click the “Sign up” button and confirm your mail. You are in!

Try the Binomo app

Having figured out what the Binomo app is and how to download it correctly, you shouldn’t have any difficulties working with it. To truly understand whether it is right for you, you must study its functions yourself. It’s excellent that Binomo offers a demo account, allowing you to explore the mobile platform. It is available even without registration, but your visit limit will be 120 minutes.

In any case, a user-friendly interface, highly technical trading tools, and educational content — all distinguish the Binomo app from similar ones on the market.

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