Assets on the Binomo platform to invest in 

Big shocks in the global economy are a persuasive reason to start searching for new ways to save or earn money. The Binomo trading platform helps people with various incomes create a better future for themselves.

We offer you a wide range of assets. You can increase your account balance by correctly forecasting price changes in them. On Binomo, you can find the most popular currency pairs (e.g., EUR/USD, AUD/USD, EUR/GBP), cryptocurrencies (e.g., BTC, LTC, and many others), commodities (e.g., Gold and Oil), and variable equities (e.g., Apple, Tesla, Google, Meta). There are 70+ assets in total. 

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How to start investing

Every new beginning should be based on new knowledge and new experience. On the Binomo platform, you can learn how to invest in USD or Bitcoin, stocks, or whatever else, and practice making trades in real market conditions.

Knowledge. We are interested in traders getting all the essential information they need to invest their funds wisely. Via our blog, social media, emails, and platform, you can learn how to invest your money and make a monthly profit. We share different trading tools and strategies with you, so you can track price changes and make trades wisely. 

For example, if you open the main page of the Binomo Blog, you’ll see the general topics our articles are dedicated to. They include: “How to invest,” “How to save,” “How to trade,” etc. If you are interested in any of those topics, subscribe to our blog to get trading tips, strategies, and psychological insights weekly.

You can find educational videos, podcasts, and mini courses on our social media. The Binomo team is always testing new, entertaining formats. For example, we recently launched an educational Telegram bot to help you test your knowledge.

Experience. “How to invest” is also a question of practice. The Binomo platform gives you access to the price charts of 70+ assets. We display quote streams in real-time so you can assess the market situation, track prices, and see the results of the trades you conclude. It is important to note that the trading operations carried out on the platform are not trades concluded on an official exchange. This is over-the-counter trading.

What asset to choose

When choosing an asset to invest in, we recommend using familiar ones—for example, currency pairs. Any asset can bring you a profit if you know a lot about it. People who choose the EUR/USD currency pair, Tesla, or Bitcoin understand the most essential things about them: what typically influences the asset price, how that impacts it, and when it happens.

Let’s use the EUR/USD currency pair as an example.

What. The euro and the US dollar are interdependent. When the EUR grows and USD doesn’t, the EUR/USD price rises. In the past, EUR was more expensive than USD, so the EUR/USD quote was always over 1. But in September 2022, the EUR/USD fell below 1.

When. This asset can be influenced by the release of reports on economic data in the US and eurozone, international economic forecasts, various news events, other assets, etc. For example, the US dollar can be affected by gold and oil prices. When gold decreases, the USD will usually grow.

How. Let’s think about how the EUR/USD asset might be influenced by the news. Imagine that winter in Europe turns out to be warmer than previously forecasted. That means gas and oil prices will be lower than expected—accordingly, the inflation rate will be lower. As a result, the EUR exchange rate will grow because the asset has bullish potential.

If you want to know how to invest in the US dollar, we recommend you:

 —  Learn the basics. Read our articles about the history of the USD, assets that correlate with the USD, and currency pairs that include the USD.

 —  Practice trading on a demo account. On Binomo, you can trade as long as you want to without risking any real funds.

 —  Start trading in real market conditions as soon as you have a bulletproof trading system.

How to invest in stocks

If you want to be someone who really knows how to invest in stocks, follow a strategy like this.

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 —  Determine which assets feel most familiar to you. For example, people who love gaming can usually name the best graphics cards, chips, and other computer component providers. E.g., NVIDIA, Intel, Cisco, Dell, Huawei, etc. Consequently, it’ll be easier to deal with those companies’ shares.

 —  Choose the asset you want to start with. Find out what influences its price, how, and when. For example, NVIDIA’s shares can be influenced by the company’s financial reports, industrial news, and competitor advantages.

 —  Determine which sources of information you trust. That could include the company’s website, Bloomberg updates, good investor blogs, etc.

 —  Start making price forecasts. Practice on a demo account and make a real profit on your real one.

 —  When you feel ready, start exploring another asset.

How to invest in cryptocurrencies

Instead of just giving you general advice, we suggest you read some of the most popular blog articles on this topic. They will help you understand how they work, what cryptocurrencies to choose, and why BTC is so important:

What is Bitcoin?

What is blockchain?

What will happen once all bitcoins are mined?

What are the best trading strategies for cryptocurrency?

Does technical analysis work for cryptocurrencies?

Binomo Blog Cryptocurrency Glossary

To conclude

 —  Investing and trading are alternative ways to save and earn money.

 —  Start by learning the basics. Get information from trustworthy sources.

 —  Test your knowledge on the platform. A Binomo demo account is always available to you.

 —  Make a real profit on your real Binomo account.

 —  Don’t hesitate to try! Explore Binomo’s assets and choose from among 70+ of them.

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