Why Binomo is not a scam

A question as old as time itself – “How safe is trading?” – arises in our minds whenever we consider earning extra income.

Binomo appeared on the financial market in 2014. The trading platform offers excellent conditions for cooperation. Customers from more than 130 countries can use our convenient platform for assets trading, take bonuses, and participate in tournaments. 

Our company can be proud of a high yield on deals and provides the opportunity to trade on weekends. It seems to some traders that the conditions are too good to be true. They suspect Binomo of fraud and deception. Now we will explain why it is ridiculous to suspect that Binomo trading platform is a scam.

Signs of fraudulent activity

To prove the fact that Binomo is not a scam, let us remind you about obvious signs of fraud. Specialists distinguish the following ones:

The abundance of advertising. Unscrupulous companies need to attract more customers to the site, so they use all marketing strategies to achieve their goals. 

Unfinished and simple web resource. Scammers invest a minimum of funds in the platform because they know that in a year they will be in disgrace and they will need to start all over again. It is important to look closely at the design of a website, examine the text for errors. Bad layout, incorrectly executed translation of the site suggests that the company in the market will not last long. 

Promise of 100% return. Unscrupulous trading platforms to attract traders who want to make huge profits, promise them instant earnings when investing large amounts. Most often, you can find information on advertising banners that it is not difficult to trade assets. You just have to guess where the price will go. 

Demonstration of numerous certificates. To increase the confidence of traders, many scammers post on the website many certificates of conduct. However, when checking, it turns out that they are all fake. Do not trust anyone, you need to study the documents and go to the regulator’s website to identify them. You should also check the blacklists of trading platforms that publish organizations that certify brands. 

Intrusive staff. To attract traders, one-day company employees use “cold” calls. They buy a database of phone numbers, call potential traders and persuade them to deposit. In order for a person to part with his savings, they promise guaranteed additional earnings, an increase in capital 100 times a week, etc. Employees are well aware of psychology, so they know how to convince a person to deposit. 

Aid for trade. Fraudulent people are not interested in experienced traders because they refuse to cooperate with them. They are aimed at those who are not versed in asset trading at all. For this, the attackers promise to help in the trade. However, you should think carefully. Scammers will help drain the deposit, not increase it. 

Surely, there are also other signs, but dishonest platforms use such tricks not so often. 

Does Binomo fall under these points?

To answer, let us explore more details, so there will be no questions left then. 

First, it should be noted that Binomo does not promise 100% extra income. The company does not send spam, and our managers do not use “cold” calls. 

After registering on the Binomo website, each trader can contact our support service, which works 24/7. In addition, a personal manager is attached to the owners of Gold and VIP accounts. However, he or she does not trade for the client and does not deliver any signals. He or she can only give advice on trading or recommend a strategy. 

Binomo also never writes laudatory reviews about itself. However, our employees monitor websites and forums, respond to customer complaints, and help them solve their problems. They quickly respond to negative comments and try to figure out why the client was unsatisfied.

Binomo does not have numerous certificates from different regulators. In 2018, it became a category “A” member of the International Financial Commission (IFC). On its official website, you can find confirmation that the document is real. Binomo has also been audited by the independent organization Verify My Trade (VMT), which confirms the quality of trading on the platform. The IFC also has a compensation fund for all its members, including Binomo, and it implies that your trades are protected. Therefore, it is definitely not a fraud.

Why do traders suspect Binomo of fraud?

Actually, most often clients who have not passed verification leave such complaints. Some do not even know what it is and why it is needed. For them, the procedure can be a surprise, because they did not read the Client agreement and were not acquainted with the Help Center section. 

To withdraw funds from Binomo, sometimes you need to go through verification. You will need to send a scan of your passport or ID and bank card or e-wallet for verification. After that, the account becomes personalized and if a third party receives access to the account, they will not be able to withdraw funds by changing their payment details to their own. The platform will simply reject the application, notifying it by email.

Users are wary of providing documents, suspecting Binomo of fraud. They think that our employees will use them for personal gain. However, access to them has a limited number of people. Actually, everyone has the same procedure in the banks. 

After passing the verification, each trader receives the ordered amount within 3 business days or longer (it depends on the type of account and your payment system). If the funds did not come to the account, then you can contact our technical support for clarification.


It is impossible to accuse Binomo of scam since we do not undertake any illegal actions. In the network, you can find many positive messages, where traders speak well of the terms of cooperation, the possibility of free training, availability of a demo account and real additional income. 

You can also verify this by opening an account on Binomo. Moreover, you don’t even need to deposit because a demo account will help you understand how our platform works. And always be aware of the risks of trading. You should always trade wisely using strategy and trading skills.

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