5 tech trends that will reduce your cost of living

There is no doubt about the fact that daily living continues to be expensive. We spend to meet our basic needs like housing, food, transportation, etc. All these expenses take up a more significant part of our income and, in exceptional cases, the most. The factors that influence the cost of living are complex and vast. However, suffice to say that expenses only increase, and only in rare cases do they ever go down.

Big thanks to innovation in technology today which has made the cost of daily living witness a substantial decrease for a good number of populations around the world. This advancement has come to save us from spending more often and make life efficient.

How technology is making lives easy

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The positive impact of future tech trends can easily be felt on a broad scale, from bringing down bills every month to reducing necessary expenses. To learn how technology is helping us lead a better life while cutting costs, consider going through this guide for the top 5 trends that help actualize that purpose.

1. Led lighting

Led lights have always been involved in the history of latest tech trends. This is because they only consume less power to function compared to other forms of home lighting. They are more environmentally sound and efficient and help you save up more money in the long run.

Currently, developers are making moves to generate safer and more effective use from sources like CL2. The use of let lights in your house could save you from paying more bills on energy to focus on other home priorities. With this in place, you can live a prosperous life.

2. Artificial intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence is a possible way of reducing your cost of living. AI has been embraced in the health industry to minimize expenses on diagnostics and research. For example, AI can accurately predict a patient’s likelihood of kidney failure.
This will allow patients access to better health care services at half the conventional price. Furthermore, AI is encouraged to improve the quality of transportation.

3. IoT

As much as IoT is relatively new to the world of technology, it is already making a remarkable impression on consumers on various levels. People who invest in IoT in their homes witness significant savings from their salaries.

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Homeowners can now have complete control over their home appliances connected to the internet to reduce energy usage. For example, an internet-connected home thermostat enables homeowners to control their homes’ cooling and heating to cut energy costs.

4. Digital services 

Digital service is another technological trend that has brought ease to living on a large scale. The emergence of online and intelligent services like Amazon for online retail services and HomeAway, which offers hotel services online, has paved the way for consumers to save good money on their purchases.

Decades ago, the cost of products and services was so high that only a tiny percentage of consumers could afford to purchase them. With the emergence of technology input in ensuring that digital platforms offer top-notch services, living now comes at little cost.

5. Vertical farming

Although the total cost of food based on individual earnings is seen to reduce, food expenditures continue to comprise more than 12 percent of an individual’s daily living. With more people around the world concerned about having healthy food to eat to avoid consuming chemicals, it has become essential to find ways to multiply food yield while simultaneously improving the reduced cost of transportation and storage.In this regard, vertical farming lets you use fewer resources to actualize more food yield. You also get to use efficient means of food transport and a tech-inclined storage system to save expenses.

6. 3-D printing

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As we can see in healthcare, 3-D printing has proven to be very useful. However, what if you realized that you can 3-D print a building? This tech trend can be used in Printing and building more homes for a small fraction of what it will take to build a conventional home. 


Technology trends are taking mainstream media as one of the most effective ways to reduce daily costs. However, one major issue attached to tech trends is the cost of implementing every innovation. Once this can be achieved, investing in tech innovations will reduce the cost of living now and in the future. So relax, take some coffee and note the tech trends stated above. Plan and implement them and surely, you’re a step closer to saving huge costs. Get started, today!

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