5 good reasons to start donating money to charity

Going out of your way to donate to charity comes with its own set of benefits. Selecting a portion of what you own and giving it to a charitable organization is a great way of living. However, you are also getting something in some ways. 

The fun fact is that giving does not have to be only about money. Individuals can commit to volunteering their time and physical presence to help build the community they wish to change. Undoubtedly, givers get some psychological benefits from donating. By donating your money to charity, you know that you are doing your part to grow a better community. Of course, this makes you feel good as you are directly supporting something that you believe in. 

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Below are five good reasons for you to consider donating money to charity

Provide help to those who are in need

Unfortunately, there is always going to be someone who has needs that are not met. Because of the nature of our not-so-perfect world, there will likely be people who need help out there. Because of this reason, there is never going to be a perfect time to give to charity. Because of rising interest rates, job scarcity, financial difficulty, and many other reasons, people will always need help. When you donate your money to charity, you are helping those who are caught in a difficult time and need help. 

Build a better community

Giving to charity is one of the several ways you can contribute to your social building responsibilities as a member of society. The proceeds from giving go towards a cause that promotes the constructive building of the world. Your contributions in the form of your time, items, and monetary donations go a long way in meeting the needs of those who need them the most. You can also create a strong community by encouraging your circle to donate and support the cause to build a better community. 

Tax reduction benefits

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A fun fact about giving to charitable causes is that it is tax deductible in many countries of the world. This financial attribute applies to both your personal and business accounts. When you choose to give, you are entitled to have that amount as a tax deduction. One of the other ways of giving is through corporate giving. This allows corporate entities to give up to 10% of their taxable income to charity. Of course, this is a tax-deductible amount from the total amount of tax that you have to pay. 

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Note that the tax needs to recognize the charity you are giving to as a recognized charitable organization. Giving to a charitable organization is a great way of reducing the total amount of money you have to send off to the government for a good cause.

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Emotional and psychological benefits

One of the most gratifying feelings you get when you donate to charity is the emotional elation of knowing that you are directly and indirectly making someone’s life easier. Of course, you will be sacrificing both your time and energy for this cause, you will be left with a positive feeling of fulfillment. On the psychological end of things, giving increases your self-esteem. This can greatly help you to improve how you view yourself and become more confident in your action while lowering your anxiety level drastically. 

Be a good community example

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Getting those around you to donate to charity by doing the donation first is a way to actively build your community. While you are enjoying the several benefits that you actively enjoy by being charitable to those who need them, you can also motivate and drive others to do the same. In this way, you are the leader and first step-taker in helping the community grow stronger. Interestingly, others have all the reasons to contribute to any type of charitable action when there is a close relative that is donating to charity in one way or another. 


Donating to charity not only gives someone who is having a hard time some breathing space, but it also gives the donor some benefits. While the above reasons are some of the top reasons why you should start donating money to charity, there are several other reasons that givers enjoy. These reasons center around creating a positive change for receivers while simultaneously creating a positive community.

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