5 best books on investing in 2022

Some people can’t get enough of reading. For instance, John Q. Benham from Indiana, USA, has a collection of over 1.5 million books. Meanwhile, the record for the longest reading sessions belongs to Deepak Sharma Bajagain from Kathmandu, Nepal, who read aloud for 113 hours and 15 minutes. 

Perhaps, you’re not such a voracious reader as these record holders. But one thing is certain – you’ll enjoy these recently published books about investing. 

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The Only Investment Guide You’ll Ever Need: Revised Edition 

by Andrew Tobias

It might not be the only book in an investor’s library, but it’s pretty comprehensive and easy to read. Written by a regular contributor to sTime, Esquire, New York, and Parade, it’s a great starting point for those who know nothing about investing.

The revised version now includes the hottest topics in the investing world: cryptocurrencies and NFTs, viral Reddit stocks, and the after-effects of the pandemic. The author even explores how climate change impacts investing.

How to Invest: Masters on the Craft

by David M. Rubenstein

This book is geared toward a wider audience, from beginners to seasoned professionals. It covers stories about the most successful investors in the world. The stories are told from a first-hand perspective, so readers will learn not only what happened but what these investors were thinking. Rubenstein promises to transform the way you approach investing.

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You’ll learn about Stan Druckenmiller and shorting of the British pound, Mary Callahan Erdoes and J.P. Morgan’s management, and a lot more. 

How I Invest My Money: Finance Experts Reveal How They Save, Spend, and Invest

by Brian Portnoy

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This is a collection of essays from 25 financial experts, from Collaborative Fund’s Morgan Housel to Ritholtz Management’s Joshua Brown. While there is a heavy emphasis on how they manage their portfolios (stocks, bonds, commodities, charity), contributors also discuss their childhoods, families, struggles, and aspirations.

Drastically different perspectives demonstrate there are different ways to save, spend, and invest, all of which can be right. The goal is to make readers feel inspired to think creatively about their financial decisions.

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More Straight Talk on Investing: Lessons for a Lifetime

by John J. Brennan

The author John Brennan is chairman and senior advisor of Vanguard, the largest mutual funds issuer in the world and the second-largest issuer of exchange-traded funds. After decades of helping people invest their money, he decided to put all his knowledge into a book. It’s been nearly 20 years since the first edition, so there were more lessons learned with each edition. 

Along with actual guides and rules, Brennan relays anecdotes and observations, so it’s not a suffocating read. 

The Allocator’s Edge: A Modern Guide to Alternative Investments and the Future of Diversification 

by Phil Huber

Investment industry thought leader Phil Huber believes modern realities, not to mention the future, present challenges for traditional portfolios. He also believes that novel assets might be the solution and investors just need to fit everything into a balanced portfolio.

The book covers a wide spectrum of alternative assets with their risk and return characteristics: hedge funds, real assets, private equity, digital assets, and collectibles, just to give you a few examples. This concludes our list of the best books on investing 2022, from guides to success stories. Hopefully, these will be educational and fun enough to make a prolific reader.

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